Olwen Zarlengo

Olwen Zarlengo is an inspired freelance designer and stylist. Having gained a degree in tailoring and fashion design from the Druleigh College of London, Olwen furthered studies at Parsons in Los Angeles while working on independent movies. Her diverse body of work, spanning 26 years in the United States and her native New Zealand, exemplifies her talent for channeling her client’s spirit through a dynamic use of fabric, form and texture. She has the unique ability to stay commercial while pushing the boundaries between fashion and art. “As a 16 year resident, I find Las Vegas an inspiring and creative city.”

Olwen has an amazing sense of style. I love working with her because she is so creative and truly understands the concept of a “total” fashion look from head toe.

Debi Miles
Special Events & Public Relations Manager
Saks 5th Avenue, Las Vegas